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Intelligere IT Consulting is a business IT Solutions Company that specializes in managed IT support services, supply best-of-breed products and professional IT consulting. By combining our extensive understanding and know-how of systems and technology, and IT Service Management, your company will benefit from working with a winning and experienced team, of highly talented industry professionals.


As your business grows, complexity increases exponentially. Sometimes, a simple solution can rectify a complex problem. We like to sit with you and advise you on how to promote alignment and integration between people, process, and technology in the simplest way possible.


Being a registered member of the International “Unashamedly Ethical” movement, Intelligere IT Consulting and all of its employees have committed themselves to conducting themselves and doing business in an ethical manner at all times.



What is Unashamedly Ethical?

Unashamedly Ethical is a campaign promoting ethics, values and clean living. We facilitate the forming of local Unashamedly Ethical communities all over the world. Our founder and chairman is South African businessman Graham Power.

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Pre-made Skins

Here you can see the pre-made skins for Vertikal. Vertikal is a true high quality and clean multi-purpose theme which will fit for any business and websites.

Please take a look at these demos. We believe Vertikal will suit for you and you will love it as much as we do...