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Company Services

Managed Support and Services

Managed IT Solutions

Intelligere IT Consulting offers Service Level Agreements for clients who wish to limit their monthly IT expenditure – our SLA solution are ideal for companies who requires immediate assistance regarding IT issues, consulting and procurement.  Intelligere IT Consulting will manage and maintain your systems for a fixed monthly fee and at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay recruiting and retaining in-house support staff.

Our SLA includes:

  • On-Site and Remote Support
  • Help Desk Facilities
  • Consulting
  • Procurement Plan
  • Hosted Services
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hardware Rental Option

The utilization of IT Outsourcing by companies are increasing at a phenomenal rate due to strict labour laws, high salaries and the lack of skilled technical staff.  Intelligere IT Consulting‘s outsourcing model will provide your company’s own “Off-Site” IT Department to manage daily operations and long term operations, providing your company with all the advantages of having an own IT department:

  • Cost effective – realistic, fixed price, delivering budget control and cost savings
  • Continuous cover – no holiday, sick leave or unnecessary HR expenditure on your 24/7 business critical systems
  • Rapid response – guaranteed response times and onsite SLA’s
  • Assigned teams – expert consultants working together to resolve issues quickly.


Off-Site Backups & Cloud Solutions

Ensuring your data is safe at all times

Companies often do not consider backup and storage systems until critical information is lost.  A proper backup and storage solution is vital to secure your data.

As any business strives to achieve a level of operation that will sustain the business over the long term, data loss could result in a major catastrophe.  Intelligere IT Consulting specializes in the designing and implementation of proficient backup plans.  We can design a custom backup system according to your company’s needs.

Our off-site backup solution offers off-site backups at our office to ensure business continuity in case of data loss.  We compile a backup plan, procedures and validate data integrity and review our backup plans to ensure effective data protection

We also offer Cloud Storage solutions, whereby all data can be stored online or just backed up to a secure facility.

All backups are encrypted to ensure data security.


Network Consulting

Our networking specialists are able to custom design and implement a total networking solution – from the cabling upwards. Intelligere IT Consulting has extensive experience in network delivery and has successfully installed numerous networks over the past few years. We will ensure lower total cost of ownership of the network, improved control and usage of network resources, minimum productivity interruption during installation, efficient project implementation, ensuring reduced risks and increased productivity.

The Intelligere IT Consulting team consists of experienced and certified engineers and technicians, with areas of expertise including LAN/WAN design, network security and business process development.

Our network services further extend to:

  • Network Administration, Systems Management and Information Security
  • Database, Email, Firewall and Application Servers
  • Exchange Email System Deployment and Maintenance
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Infrastructure Switching and Routing
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions / VPN
  • Physical Network Installation / Cabling


Project Management

Intelligere IT Consulting has industry leading IT Project and Programme Managers.  Working with all recognised methodologies we are able to tackle any project regardless of size and complexity.

Our project managers have a proven track record and will ensure that your project is completed within time and budget.



CCTV & Access Control

Intelligere IT Consulting supplies and installs CCTV with local/remote access DVR systems.  This enables you to view camera feeds from any smart device like an iPhone, Android phone, tablet, remote computer etc.

We also offer access control sales and installation for your home or business.  This includes integration with HR and Payroll systems and biometrics.


Onsite and Remote Support

Effective IT solutions when you need it most!

Many clients are comforted by the fact they can receive Intelligere IT Consulting’s support via its help desk, as well as immediate on-site support. Intelligere IT Consulting can provide staff on-site with intermediate to senior skill sets for operational or project tasks.

Intelligere IT Consulting ensures that clients have access to a large and diverse talent pool of IT technicians when necessary, avoiding the risk of having critical IT systems only known by only one individual.


Server Management

Intelligere IT Consulting gained extensive experience in the implementation, installation and management of the Microsoft Server Family. Intelligere IT Consulting’s qualified staff members manages and monitors servers remotely, compiling monthly management reports to maintain optimal performance and ensure that mission critical systems runs continuously without any unplanned interruptions.  Intelligere also support Linux servers and solutions, and can customize a firewall or proxy server solution for any individual need.


Disaster Recovery & Planning

Protect and prevent

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan designed for your company should be the most important part in your business contingency planning.

Intelligere IT Consulting specializes in disaster recovery planning and have various models in place at major companies. Our consultants analyse your company’s IT processes and identifies areas in which we can improve data storage, security and integrity. We design a custom plan, implement it and test it to ensure that your organization will be able to effectively recover from any major or minor IT disaster.


Infrastructure Planning & Implementation

Infra-structure for your IT solutions

Intelligere IT Consulting is able to plan and implement a complete IT infrastructure, ranging from network cabling, computer installations, server installations and software setup and installation. Our consultants can compile a complete plan and cost analysis for your required infrastructure if you are opening a new office, moving or opening a new company.


IT Infrastructure & Auditing Assessment

Professional auditing solutions for your IT infrastructure

Intelligere IT Consulting can assist you in the auditing of your company’s IT infrastructure. We make recommendations on our findings and implement proposed solutions, to lower operating costs, increase security and increase productivity.  We make sure that your IT infrastructure stays up to date and that you have a comprehensive report on all IT assets, software licensing and future impacts on your IT budget.


Data Recovery

Intelligere IT Consulting possesses specialized hardware and software to recover deleted data, or even data from a damaged disk.  With a recovery success rate of 98% across the board, we will do our best to recover your data, and if we can’t, we won’t charge you a cent for trying.


Hosting & Hosted Services

  • Exchange Mail
  • Website Hosting
  • POP mail hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Virtual Machine Hosting
  • Hosted Backup Servers


VOIP Telephone Services

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

  • Save up to 30% on all call costs
  • Interbranch calls are FREE
  • Number for life – Keep your old number as well.
  • Carrier grade quality.
  • You don’t need an existing ADSL Line, Intelligere will provide one for you.


ADSL Home & Business

Intelligere offers various broadband services.

While we strongly recommend an uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled service, we realize that businesses have different connectivity requirements.

We therefore also offer capped and bonded solutions. For those businesses where speed is absolutely essential, our VDSL solution (where available) could be ideal.

Our services start at R199 p/m for data only.  A wide range of features and benefits are available depending on your chosen solution and budget.

  • Uncapped and capped solutions available.
  • 24/7 Technical support.
  • Various bandwidth options available; we recommend unshaped and unthrottled.
  • All Business DSL packages are available (for a small fee) with a 3G Failover offering.

Static IP addresses with our uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled Premium service, with the ability to add more if required

Pre-made Skins

Here you can see the pre-made skins for Vertikal. Vertikal is a true high quality and clean multi-purpose theme which will fit for any business and websites.

Please take a look at these demos. We believe Vertikal will suit for you and you will love it as much as we do...